Fair Skies Acupuncture & Kent Wellness Week!

Wellness Week in Kent, CT April 4th- April 10th!

Come See Stephanie Ho-Southard
at the Good Gallery, Sunday, April 5th for a Free Classical Homeopathic Consultation at 10 am & April 7th for a Free Chair Acupuncture Session at 11 am!

See Chris Kiley at RT Facts Gallery Saturday, April 6th at 10:30 am for Tai Chi and at the Good Gallery for a Chinese Medicine & Movement Session Sunday, April 7th at 11 am!

Sponsored by RT Facts Gallery and the Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Meet. Play. Flow & 7 Days of Wellness is an inspiring event that affords attendees an opportunity to experience a variety of wellness practices while having fun and meeting friends both old and new. It’s also an event that serves as a novel introduction to the various shops, restaurants, and services that make up Kent, one of Connecticut’s most charming New England towns.