Acupuncture is most effective when performed once a week, similar to physical therapy. Once wellness is deeply established, treatments space out to monthly. Treatment is based on East Asian Medicine principles & methods. Diagnostic factors include chief complaints, signs & symptoms, posture & symmetry, pulse, and tongue. Individualized therapy focuses on organs and meridians that express the most imbalance & pathology. The body is best supported holistically at all times. Regular acupuncture therapy strengthens the immune system & holistic health and allows chief complaints to be resolved over time.


  • at the beginning of addressing a complaint or goal, once a week 
  • general wellness maintenance every 2-6 weeks 
  • Natural health improves gradually with regular therapy
  • Frequency hastens results
  • the frequency of treatment is a personal choice

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture involves world-class, specialized training and experience in FRA techniques. The recommended protocol is once a week, for twelve sessions. However, there is no commitment. FRA patients must expect significant needling and attention to the neck, scalp and face. Needle removal is carefully performed. Brief facial massage focuses on improving circulation in the face, neck and scalp. I am sensitive to each patient's comfort levels, and flexibility in the protocol is achievable. A patient can focus on sustaining strength and serenity throughout the appointment with breathing and mental relaxation. Post-session, one experiences a pleasant invigoration of the face and a definite glow. Each session creates slight improvements; by the 5th session, skin texture looks noticeably improved! Rest is advised pre- and post-session, to maximize healing and results.


Preventive medicine enhances energy, function, and quality of life. I encourage people to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture and natural health, and offer personalized, high-value therapeutic sessions.



Acupuncture is the primary therapy and lasts about 40 minutes. It immediately improves circulation and allows the body to relax and access deeper healing resources. The office environment is kept warm and comfortable. Traditional acupuncture points are below the elbows & knees. Classic therapeutic sensations of acupuncture are a dull ache, warmth, tingling, pressure, heaviness, radiating, expanding, floating, or a brief mild electrical sensation as tension releases. Acupuncture feels amazing when different areas of the body energize, connect and flow!


 Last about 20 minutes. These include possible moxa, e-stim, manual bodywork, cupping, guasha, hot stones, essential/herbal/CBD oils. Adjuncts enhance acupuncture by blending circulation in the soft tissues and supporting the nervous system. 


  • Treatment is transformative: Opens & invigorates energy and blood flow in meridians, which nourishes body systems; people usually feel more relaxed and looser than when they first came in
  • To maximize healing results, rest or light activity is strongly recommended after treatment
  • A good night's sleep allows deeper healing to occur; one may experience less body stiffness & improved energy the next day
  • Results are individually based & may vary; acupuncture works with individual physiology & self-healing response
  • Some people may feel tired, experience soreness, or have a "delayed healing response" (possibly 2-5 days before improvement); affects a minority of patients, whom for various reasons, need more time to mount a healing response & establish positive forward momentum


Before receiving acupuncture, it is important to understand potential risks of physical medicine and bodywork. Please read Informed Consent.
Thank you for your patience. I look forward to working with you!