Moxa: A Natural Warming Method

Moxa (Moxibustion) is a traditional warming method which naturally increases circulation and soft tissue healing. The medicinal herb mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is therapeutically burned near the body and acupuncture needles. Moxa emanates a special warmth which deeply penetrates soft tissues and enhances the effects of acupuncture.

I typically use a smokeless moxa stick, which is like a large incense stick. I wave it in safe proximity to the body. Needle-moxa is another technique, where a small ball of moxa herb is mounted on the handle of the needle. All moxa methods transfer warmth deeply into tissues, increasing energy and circulation.



Japanese study in the 1970s found that mugwort burns at 900 angstroms per second. They also measured that human cells vibrate at 600-900 angstroms per second.

Therefore, moxa burns at a similar frequency to human cells, at the upper limits of human cell vibration. The warmth of moxa encourages cells to vibrate at their highest levels of vitality, enhancing the healing capacity of soft tissues!

Regular application of this warming method can help increase metabolism, circulation, and vitality within your body.